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It is the nature of souls to wander.

At birth, we are tied to mortal form, and it is through the nature of our spirits that we wander through this life, seeking fulfilment in first one thing, then another. Strife and joy are the subtle hands that guide our uncertain steps.

In death, our souls are unbound, and once again wander, seeking peace and new existence beyond that which they have left behind. Self-worth and past actions create the roads upon which our unbound souls travel.

Wandering is, by its nature, a singular act, and it is the rarest thing when two souls choose to unify their paths.

Love unifies our travels. Love turns errant wandering into a journey. Here, in the cradle of existence, at the edge of enlightenment, we witness two souls choosing to travel together. In love, two paths become one, in love, we balance ourselves, in love, we fulfil the song of our hearts, and, in love, we find true strength.

Love, and know that you are loved. It is a greatest joy that any being can feel. Your wanderings are over. Join hands, and may your journey begin.



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