Carrion Crown - Q

Catalina's True Naming

“I NAME YOU. Murderer, Tyrant, King, Scourge, Harbinger of death.
I name you for a nation, a nation you devastated..a nation still
healing from wounds older than many of us can remember. For a nation
that has lived too long under the rule of fear, I name you so that it
may once again dare to hope.

By the Crow’s will, which fills me with resolve; by the strength of of allies,
who push me forward; by the love of my wife, who has given me a second life;
and by the spirits of Ustalav, whom you once subjugated: I command you now to
bend to them, and kneel before those you have harmed. I name you:
Yasen Galdana, the Fallen Tyrant."


Bombchellter SwordSaintMusashi

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