Raven's Will


This black-bladed bastard sword has a hilt depicting extending raven-like wings of gold, with a gem in the center of the cross-guard and pommel. Whenever drawn or sheathed, the sound of crows cawing can be faintly heard, and when the blade is wielded, a trail of black feathers follows in its swing.

Created from the remains of the unholy artifact blade Rebellion and the structure of a paladin of Andoletta’s own greatsword, Raven’s Will was forged in heaven by combining these pieces with the blessing of the Grandmother of Crows herself.

Raven’s Will is a +3 undead bane disruption alchemical silver bastard sword that additionally grants its wielder access to the Channel Smite feat as a bonus feat. In addition, if the wielder worships Andoletta, their effective level for Channel Smiting is increased by 4 for the purposes of damage and DC, and they can Channel Smite an additional 3 times per day in addition to their usual Channel Energy limit.

Raven's Will

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