Raven's Call


This greatsword is forged from a dark, black iron flecked with spots of rust-like color. The pommel is wrapped in a fine leather, and while being held, the blade imparts a sense of purpose upon the wielder, if only subtly.

Forged from the rusted iron of the prison bars of Harrowstone, Raven’s Call was tempered in holy water at the request of the paladin Catalina Corvus, as a tribute to the spirits of the guards who held the deadly haunts of the prison at bay, and as a reminder to herself and her allies of their accomplishment of the terrors of the five sinister ghosts that plagued Ravengro. Engraved along the bottom of the blade on one side are the words: “When Ravengro called for heroes, we answered.” while on the other side, are the names: “Catalina, Alduryn, Auryn, Rheia, Kendra.”

The spirits of the guards of Harrowstone spring to life when the wielder is confronted with captors who keep prisoners wrongfully. Against such foes, this +1 grayflame cold iron greatsword gains a +2 enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls and deals an additional 2d6 points of damage. Whenever Raven’s Call strikes a necromancer, that necromancer must make a DC 10 + spell level concentration check to be able to cast a spell next time it attempts to cast. In addition, the blade crackles and sparks when an ally is harmed, dealing an additional 1d6 electricity damage the first time an opponent who has harmed an ally is struck.

This blade was destroyed in the creation of Raven’s Will.

Raven's Call

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