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Why does anyone live here?
I've been in Lepistadt for less than a day


And so far it’s been wraiths, wee child ghosts, skin-stealing monsters, alchemical madmen, stitched-together henchmen, and let’s not forget about the horror-hound made of scraps of flesh, bent on destroying anyone who set foot in the monster factory.

Oh, I DID forget something. The massive brute this band of merry adventurers calls “Fluffy.” Some sort of gentle giant to hear them tell it. To be honest, I haven’t seen to much either way, but the idiot townsfolk here want him put down, and that’s reason enough to save him.

Of course, the money that her Ladyship Embreth Daramid is promising is another, VERY GOOD reason to keep to the task at hand.

The one good thing that’s come up has been these adorable little nippers in alchemy tower—little snapjawed homunculi that are just the most darling things in the world. And they talk!

Shoko's Services
Wedding Speech

It is the nature of souls to wander.

At birth, we are tied to mortal form, and it is through the nature of our spirits that we wander through this life, seeking fulfilment in first one thing, then another. Strife and joy are the subtle hands that guide our uncertain steps.

In death, our souls are unbound, and once again wander, seeking peace and new existence beyond that which they have left behind. Self-worth and past actions create the roads upon which our unbound souls travel.

Wandering is, by its nature, a singular act, and it is the rarest thing when two souls choose to unify their paths.

Love unifies our travels. Love turns errant wandering into a journey. Here, in the cradle of existence, at the edge of enlightenment, we witness two souls choosing to travel together. In love, two paths become one, in love, we balance ourselves, in love, we fulfil the song of our hearts, and, in love, we find true strength.

Love, and know that you are loved. It is a greatest joy that any being can feel. Your wanderings are over. Join hands, and may your journey begin.


Catalina's True Naming

“I NAME YOU. Murderer, Tyrant, King, Scourge, Harbinger of death.
I name you for a nation, a nation you devastated..a nation still
healing from wounds older than many of us can remember. For a nation
that has lived too long under the rule of fear, I name you so that it
may once again dare to hope.

By the Crow’s will, which fills me with resolve; by the strength of of allies,
who push me forward; by the love of my wife, who has given me a second life;
and by the spirits of Ustalav, whom you once subjugated: I command you now to
bend to them, and kneel before those you have harmed. I name you:
Yasen Galdana, the Fallen Tyrant."

Katri's True Naming

I UNNAME YOU. Tar-Bathon, The Whispering Tyrant. I Take back the title that gives you your strength, that makes men quake. I return you to a young boy, a farmer, a man. I strip you of your gifts from your goddess. I rend you with the power of the land itself, and I cast you back spiralling to the man you once were, so that I can destroy that too.

I am a Guardian. A Protector. The leetl vones are under MY watching eye. I cannot be stopped. I cannot be felled. I call upon the blessink of perserverance, a Virtue of Rulership. I call upon the love of my friends, my battle brothers and sisters. My brother, for his sacrifice that I may live in peace and a homeland to return too. For the man whom I hold dearest in my heart. I draw from him most of all, you took a piece of him. They vill give me strength enough that I vill TEAR back out of you! I vill see that I end another cycle that I have helped create, I named you vonce, creature. And now I vill see to it that your name is lost to eternity.


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