Carrion Crown - Q

Why does anyone live here?

I've been in Lepistadt for less than a day


And so far it’s been wraiths, wee child ghosts, skin-stealing monsters, alchemical madmen, stitched-together henchmen, and let’s not forget about the horror-hound made of scraps of flesh, bent on destroying anyone who set foot in the monster factory.

Oh, I DID forget something. The massive brute this band of merry adventurers calls “Fluffy.” Some sort of gentle giant to hear them tell it. To be honest, I haven’t seen to much either way, but the idiot townsfolk here want him put down, and that’s reason enough to save him.

Of course, the money that her Ladyship Embreth Daramid is promising is another, VERY GOOD reason to keep to the task at hand.

The one good thing that’s come up has been these adorable little nippers in alchemy tower—little snapjawed homunculi that are just the most darling things in the world. And they talk!


Bombchellter Scribbles

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