Carrion Crown - Q

Katri's True Naming

I UNNAME YOU. Tar-Bathon, The Whispering Tyrant. I Take back the title that gives you your strength, that makes men quake. I return you to a young boy, a farmer, a man. I strip you of your gifts from your goddess. I rend you with the power of the land itself, and I cast you back spiralling to the man you once were, so that I can destroy that too.

I am a Guardian. A Protector. The leetl vones are under MY watching eye. I cannot be stopped. I cannot be felled. I call upon the blessink of perserverance, a Virtue of Rulership. I call upon the love of my friends, my battle brothers and sisters. My brother, for his sacrifice that I may live in peace and a homeland to return too. For the man whom I hold dearest in my heart. I draw from him most of all, you took a piece of him. They vill give me strength enough that I vill TEAR back out of you! I vill see that I end another cycle that I have helped create, I named you vonce, creature. And now I vill see to it that your name is lost to eternity.


Bombchellter AprilShy

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